5 Essential Tools for Effective Mining Management.

The more machines you have, the more you might realise how important and necessary it is that the right management tools are part of your mining operation but its not this same approach you will have about mining and its operations if you own a small mining farm with a few rigs or ASICs.

we will summarise the 5 tools you will need if you want to manage your mining operation effectively and save enough time in this article,

1. Mining software

Besides hardware, the most important thing when it comes to mining is actually using the right mining software. Talking about mining rigs, this has to do with the selection of the right environment , Linux or Windows and also the mining client that gives the highest hashrates and which can be optimised the most. For ASICs, it means selecting a software remote commands and automatic actions and importantly, that allows you monitor as well as Bulk control.

It’s quite easy to manage one rig or ASIC. It’s is really very important to have bulk control over your mining operation, now lets assume u have 100 such machines and changing the configuration for each of them one by one. Or imagine 1,000 machines and changing the configuration for only 250 selected ones. That’s the essence of bulk control over your mining operation.

2Bulk control must allow you to

• Restart, reboot, and shut down a selected group of machines or selected machines.
• You have to Change the configuration of selected machines or a selected group of machines
• Apply profit switch to selected machines or a selected group of machines
• The use of predefined overclocking profiles which can be controlled only from one page and also be applied to every machine that is using that profile;
• Also use predefined tags for pools and wallets which can also be controlled only from one page and applied to every machine that is using that tag;
• And much more.

3.  Mining calculator, benchmark, and profit switch

It’s vital to do research before deciding which coin to mine and see what options are available. Options exist which you have to select a multi-algo pool that allows payouts in single cryptocurrency or to do direct mining. you can use a benchmark and mining calculator which will help you to run through the options and that will list you the options.
If you are deciding between a few options, you can actually set up a profit switch and mine the most profitable option of the moment in case you want to deal with few options. Minerstat allows you to profit switch with your ASICs too.

4.  Applying  Live diagnostic

When the mining rig or ASIC is set up and mining, The work of mining management doesn’t stop as soon as the mining rig or ASIC is set up and mining, actually mining just begin. Therefore very important to monitor different errors or any events that are capable of affecting the mining performance.

Some of the more important things that would require regular checks are:

• Hashrate and any sign of hashrate drop;
• Efficiency and any sign of efficiency drop.
• Missing hardware.
• ASIC malfunctions and errors reports.
• Temperature
• Mining configuration errors.

5. Alerts and triggers

It is also important to have an automated system intact which will alert you on such events as live diagnostics allows you to monitor the mining operation status in real- time as well. Furthermore, setting up automatic triggers that will do certain actions when an event occurs, is important as it will help you do certain actions when an event occurs which might save time even more for you.

Alerts on Minerstat can be sent to your email, Telegram, or mobile app, while triggers allow actions such as mining client restart, change of the fan speeds, machine reboot, machine shut down, or sending an e-mail when the machine is unresponsive which can be connected with IFTTT and the smart relays.
With minerstat.com the user can benefit from all these features for effective and efficient mining operations.


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