African Tech Personnels ready to connect at the 2019 ATSL.

This summit is described as where African tech connects to explore and invest. This is the fourth annual Africa Tech Summit London and It brings together leading African ventures, African governments, trade bodies, entrepreneurs and, and leading start-ups to push investment and business between Africa and the world at Large. The summit will take place on June 11th during London Tech Week at a Hotel conference room in the heart of London’s financial district.


It has people from Academia or Universities, investors and media, making a significant representation of people from those different groups within the ecosystem. That could be what the summit is about, building up our ecosystem and making connections.  The media team of the summit says one should expect a true cross-sectional view of technology advances and opportunities from across the continent. Also, an array of keynotes, progressive chat and a panel of tech leaders in Africa, leading entrepreneurs and investors, will be complemented by quality networking opportunities with decision makers.

It is definitely exciting for participants to be in a room full of people with similar interests and passion in Technology and in Africa. There will be a high caliber of people in the mix that can help and move technology forward not just with funds but with knowledge from experience. The fate of African technology can be discussed extensively, including shortcomings and ways to tackle and remove them. People would learn more about Africa or about investment ethics and come to the knowledge of a lot of realities.

‘The great thing about this summit is you need summits like this to become aware of who the new innovators are who the start-ups are who are coming out of the woodwork. I don’t want to hear about companies when they are already successful; I want to know about them when they’re on the up. They’re a lot of follow-ups I’d have to do after the event’ Said Dr Edward George of Ecobank in an interview.  Other attendees that were interviewed in the last editions expressed their interest in the next one which now fast approaching. This says a lot.

The African Tech summit brings a huge opportunity for start-ups that are registered to attend, allowing them to pitch original ideas possibly connecting with passionate experts, potential investors learn and acquire what would be valuable tips as they go forward.  Criteria for with interest in pitching include that they must either have no less than one African co-founder or their company be based on the African continent, in addition to being not more than five years old.

There was a successful Pitch Live session at Africa Tech Summit Kigali earlier this year which connected investors and scaling ventures at the Start-Up Summit.  Applications are now closing for the Pitch Live London session. African tech ventures who wish to showcase their solution to top investors, corporates, media, and advisors have until April 30th to apply here. Although this London summit does not hold till June 11th, the submission for the pitches this year is said to close on April 30th, next Tuesday. African tech ventures that hope to showcase their innovative solutions to corporates, top investors, media and advisors during the summit have must have applied by the 30th. Interested participants are registering in high numbers as the summit accommodates over 250 participants. Lined up to speak is over 50 expert speakers who are from different fields of the tech industry, Finance sector, and even Fintech companies. The likes of Erick Yong of GreenTec Capital, Elizabeth Rosiello of Bitpesa, Manji Cheto of the London Stock Exchange, Tomi Davies of Lagos Angel Network (LAN) are on the list of speakers. More brands like Kobo360, TLCom, Lagos Angel Network, Outlierz Ventures, ThankUCash, African Women In Tech, Swiftly, will be well represented.

For the media; VC4A, ABAN, PULSEng, AspireAfrica, LondonBusiness School to mention but a few are in media partnership with this initiative. The high number of media partners raises the prestige of the summit as it is definitely a worthy cause to partner in showing promise that it will continue for a longer time than envisaged.

Africa Tech Summit London drives global connections and provides a future line of sight from across the continent on Mobile Financial Services; Investment; Blockchain; Digital; Payments and Lending; Scaling and Exits; Mobility and Logistics; Latest Trends and Innovations.

Africa Tech Summit (ATS) Kigali 2019 held earlier this year and it connected over 500 delegates in Rwanda. Now the ATS series returns to London, to connect affix African tech with opportunities across the globe. Andrew Fassnidge, founder of Africa Tech Summits said, “We are delighted to welcome these exciting ventures to connect with tech investors and partners in London” in a responsive statement.

The next part of this Africa Tech Summit series is scheduled to hold in Kigali (the heart and largest city of Rwanda) around the first quarter of the year 2020, precisely in February. The management of the summit has already put up an online notice of the one to come in 2020. This shows they aren’t backing down anytime now.

Dare I say this is an exemplary model summit and indeed another glimpse of hope for the African continent as they journey to take the world by storm through technology?

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Credits- Pulse Business Insider, VentureBurn, VC4A, Wikipedia.




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