Algorand, a proof- of – stake Blockchain Company , goes open source.


Our Node repository is now open source as announced by Algorand – the permission less, proof of stake blockchain Company.This is Part of Algorand’s ongoing mission which they have been working on to develop and promote a decentralized blockchain. A Verifiable Random Function and their Developer SDKs are among it’s several projects made on open source by the company.

As seen from the company’s website, the blockchain’s nodes are ran by different entities spread across many countries such as businesses, individuals, and consortiums.

To approve every block, the decentralised voting mechanism pools and randomly selects these users in other to develop a unique committee.

Algorand plans to further their exploration of the  ‘borderless economy and evolve blockchain as the process’ is now open source

To help build the highest applicable and relevant Dapps, Algorand has revealed it’s partnership with Flipside Crypto to provide a free user engagement analytics suite as this toolbox gives users of Algorand-based developer more insight to building Dapps.

The Flipside Crypto partnership allows developers to clarify their Dapp addresses, monitor the live number of active addresses, and also compare their Dapp’s activity to other Dapps on Algorand’s platform.

This process works simultaneously with the tools already provided by Algorand, such as free SDKs which have been used to develop a number of media, entertainment, financial services and real estate applications. These are backed by nearly $70 million by Pillar and Union Square Ventures, and a broad global investment group whose name was not mentioned.

Algorand is commendably known for building technologies such that is decentralization, scale, and security.” that will remove the technical barriers which has undermined mainstream blockchain adoption for years.


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Credit: Daniel Kuhn


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