AmaZix “Moderation Bot’ is ready to Blacklists Telegram Users to Tackle Crypto Scams

AmaZix the blockchain advisory firm is opening up access to its “moderation bot” as this will help to stamp out cryptocurrency scams on Telegram, the popular messaging app . Based on data collected over two years, the company is using moderation bot to be able to blacklist Telegram users.

A press release from the company stated that so far , the long list contains over fifty thousand banned users.
Through the moderation of groups on Telegram, the database of those dubious persons was developed. Over 730,000 Telegram users from over 140,000 groups were captured by AmaZix in which over 54,500 which is 7.5 percent were banned for really attempting some form of crypto scam.

These scammers use several ways in an attempt to steal private keys of unsuspecting users through various ways which includes impersonating admins and direct messaging users, posting links for cloned social media or other websites, posting fake offers or giveaways, and phishing group users.

Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO illustrated how the system works in the press release statement  “ We offer free, real-time threat intelligence for Telegram which takes the form of a bot which is added to a group through our services. Anytime we see any malicious content on any of the groups we monitor, they are automatically banned from all our groups, and added to our global blacklist.”

According to Karlberg, there have been scam activities going on in the groups moderated by AmaZik “As soon as a project gets traction, the scammers move in. With Telegram the criminals gets complete anonymity and so they use it with absolutely no fear of reprisals.

For now, the services works in English only but said many of its features do not require language any way .For example, forwarding links or accounts is banned. This is according to the company’s chief operating officer, Dejan Horvat,

“Regardless of the language, if someone forwards spam, the bot will definitely act on it. The only feature where language is important is the curse list where the bot deletes many curse words,” he added.

Furthermore, Horvat added that, a telegram user can report it to the team if wrongly blacklisted , “investigations will be carried out to ascertain the situation and remove you from the blacklist if appropriate.”

According to the release, the blacklist is administered in “real-time” 24-hours a day by the firm’s channel moderators, Presently AmaZix has no formal relationship with Telegram according to Horvat.

“We hope that, the opening access will be encouraging more people to use and contribute to our service, we will catch the scammers even more quickly as a mated of fact. This will effectively discourage malicious activity on Telegram,” he concluded


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