Asoko Insight’ Partners With ‘Orbitt’ To Create Africa’s Largest Digital Investment Ecosystem

‘Asoko Insight’ Partners With ‘Orbitt ‘To Create Africa’s Largest Digital Investment Ecosystem



On Wednesday the giant duo , Asoko Insight ( Asoko), the Africa’s most comprehensive corporate data platform and its counterpart, Orbitt announced a partnership that will foster establishment of an expanded digital platform for companies, investors and advisers across the continent.

The combination of Asoko’s unique data acquisition model and structure with the growing database of over 50,000 companies as well as the 1,000 Africa-focused investors and investment service providers on Orbitt’s platform will skyrocket the development of a highly efficient technology and data-driven investment ecosystem.


It’s a great platform which aims at reducing the time and cost for investors seeking investment opportunities in the region. This complementary business models will also push forward to the reach of African companies seeking for growth and to access institutional capital. The marketplace covers 20 different types of intermediary services in which the Business owners and CEOs can also tap into as the get investor- ready and the need for transaction services.

The partnership between Asoko and Orbitt is bound to eradicate all the previous barriers , shortcomings and delays which existed in business deals from the beginning. It will allow for a more secured business information, exchange of information without fears between business owners, growing businesses and a digital network of investors and advisers of like minds who can connect easily to pull some business strings.

The two organisations will deliver Africa’s most extensive digital deal making platform By providing the data, tools and network to drive investment across the continent by so doing , the two complimentary duo would have delivered Africa’s most expensive digital deal making platform which increase more business deals and fair opportunities to participants.

Its not going to be “ a one-off event,” Co-Founder and Head of Product at Orbitt, Will Hunnam, said;
Rather, it will be all year round thing, he partnership between Asoko and Orbitt opens up a unique 365-day ecosystem. Africa’s largest investors, top-tier advisers and the biggest private companies in the .world will be the deal making processes”

The chief innivation officer at Asoko ,Obi Ejimofo, added that;

Orbitt is naturally a good fit for all as they continue to extend value creation of Asoko in delivering African investment ecosystem over the last few years”

.This is great partnership billed for this quarter. We will continue to create more new grounds to improve digital deals in the ecosystem.




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Credits; Techechonomy, CNN.


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