Bitgo Co-founder, joins Blockchain Capital

Information reaching states that Ben Davenport has become a venture partner with the team of Blockchain Capital after joining them.
Davenport founded Beluga which was acquired by Facebook in 2011 and became Facebook Messenger. It’s deeply rooted in technology and cryptocurrency. He joined BitGo, as a start up for Bitcoin at the earlier time and became a co-founder in 2014, providing security solutions.

Davenport said he has actually spent more time in investing while he is a two – time founder that while he is a two-time founder, than he has in running his own start ups, saying that;
“Paying more attention on the side of investment has given me the opportunity to focuse on the industry as a whole, the way it’s evolving in different stages and new levels as opposed to just looking on a single business perspective. Focusing on the investment side allows me to spend more time focused on the industry as a whole, and how it’s evolving, as opposed to being focused on the perspective of a single business.”

Davenport coming as a venture partner wouldn’t make decisions on blockchain Capital as expected of a full partner. Rather, deals will be shared as it comes and accessing opportunities together. Presently he has stakes in more than 15 companies.

Lightning Labs, Paxos, LedgerX and the Electric Coin Company, these according to AngelList are Davenport’s crypto portfolio. He stepped down from BitGo in April 2018.
P. Bart Stephens and Spencer Bogart, are also investors in BitGo. Aside being the Blockchain Capital partners, according to Davenport.
“These partners are capable of bringing a thoughtful approach to investment, staying true to their convictions and not getting distracted by the flavour of the moment,” Davenport added.

Stephens, the managing partner of the firm and also a co-founder, stated that Davenport as the co-founder and CTO of BitGo” with major entrepreneurial successes to his credit will bring unparalleled technical knowledge as well as experience of the crypto ecosystem
Blockchain Capital who is one of the longest-standing venture firms in the space, with investments in the major crypto companies like Coinbase, Circle, Ripple, Kraken and has raised four funds over the last six years.


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