BitHub Africa Releases an Analysis Tool for Crypto and Blockchain Projects.




BitHub Africa Releases an Analysis Tool for Crypto and Blockchain Projects.


This is coming from the stable of BitHub Africa, a blockchain accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya as the announce the invention of  CoinTest AI, a machine learning application. The machine will be used to analyse the  technical fundamentals of open-source cryptoccurrency and blockchain projects.

Currently the coin test Al ranks among the best, coming as the top best100 cryptocurrency projects by productivity on daily rating.

This  machine learning algorithm main purpose is to watch and follow up the performance metadata of these projects. Its also involves the number of contributors, releases and the updates.

Therefore , the activities of the blockchain users , investors, analysts and those seeking to know more or with much interest in blockchain can then make better decisions on what platforms to go on with.

With this tool, users,investors and enthusiasts will  also be assisted to be able to work on the fundamentals of  public blockchain  projects and this can be achieve through the process of quantitative analysis of the productivity data.

According to John Karanja, the CEO of BitHub Africa while speaking to BitcoinKe , said:

Looking at the engineering point of view, The cryptoccurrency market globally and those of them from Africa in particular has suffered from the issue of lack of information when it comes to blockchain  and cryptocurrency  performance. This has caused loss for the investors from unrealistic speculative investments of hyped projects including high level fraud and scams present in crypto market.”

CoinTest AI will be updated to include a wide scope of projects such as distributed applications(Dapps).


The team at BitHub Africa  had hopes that this tool as a matter of fact will go a long way in helping the cryptocurrency community in the following ways:

• The development of blockchain protocols and applications will be increased

• The ability to identify and neutralize scams early enough will be increased

• increase  efficiency  and effectiveness in determining the Intrinsic Value(IV) of various blockchain eco-systems

BitHub Africa is now on the news seeking public opinion, crowd-sourcing feedback from the community, by so doing , it will help improve its machine learning algorithm, at the long run the rating system of the tool and its efficiency will be determined ..



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Credits: BitcoinKe, Bithub Africa.


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