Can cryptocurrency acceptance in consumer apps open the floodgates?


Cryptocurrency acceptance in consumer apps and the effects.

This sounds quite amazing, but what is needed to bring this vision into reality?

To increase the possibility of this,Companies will need to develop and increase strategies that are based on proven market principles to succeed. First of all, the App Developers all over the world needs to be empowered as soon as possible for them to quickly integrate cryptocurrency into their application software.
The booming consumer applications market is a great starting point for bringing in cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. It will make crypto adoption much faster and easier.
According to a recent research study by ‘We Are Social,, “With the massive increase in the use of smartphones. more than half of the world’s population now connects to the internet with ease, generating over 50 percent of all internet traffic.”
The mass-market consumer software from records is used consistently by 3.5 billion people around the globe.

The software developers happens to be the main drivers in this consumer software, it lies in their hands. The can not be over emphasised as the keep on developing new age software all around the world to solve their users needs and enhance their lifestyle.

Unfortunately, they don’t currently have the tools they need to make this a reality.
Though others are likely to follow in its footsteps, Open Money happens to be i the first innovation to provide a state-of-the-art REST API, SDKs and industry best practices modelled to facilitate the integration of blockchain in our system.

It won’t be necessary to start from scratch with this initiative instead they can take advantage of an established infrastructure to transition their currently successful apps into the cryptocurrency market, there by facilitating the use of cryptocurrency to pay for any products or item.

According to the explanations by Ken Sangha, COO of Open Money:
“We want to be the catalyst that takes blockchain technology and puts it in the hands of billions of people around the world. By empowering developers of all sizes to harness the true potential of this amazing technology called blockchain, we love to be the catalyst, the force that will take Blockchain technology to a greater height and into the hands of billions of people all over the globe . we want to be part of the world that is more efficient, equitable and productive.”

The opportunity

The opportunity is here, Cryptocurrency is moving on high pedestal and Soon, app developers from all over the world will empower everyone including our grandparents to use cryptocurrency with ease. Flashbacks on $12 checks written by older folks will soon be a thing of the past, lets get our crypto wallet ready. Definitely, If they succeed, they structures and model of the new system will a new market pattern which will ultimately bring a positive  change in the global economic system and a better lifestyle for our society.


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Credits; Wikipedia, Blockchainafrica.


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