Cannabis Startup Using Blockchain Technology to Smoke Out Weed

This has to be an interesting thing to catch on the news as clearly, the bounds of what blockchain technology can be infused in, is not known yet. TheraCann is a Panamanian Pot company that has begun to add “DNA tag-based forensic traceability and authenticity with TruTrace’s Industry Blockchain Hub.Simply put, they are classifying weed by DNA and storing them on the blockchain.
CEO of the company, Jason Warnock said in a release, “The biotrace system provides seed-to-sale traceability for cannabis and hemp and uses Applied DNA’s unique, safe and persistent molecular tag for the identification of any biomass, extraction, isolate, derivative or cannabis packaging,” and added,Collaborating with TruTrace connects the dots with an information platform linking the provenance of material, testing information and patient data that is so vital to the safety and efficacy of the global market.”
Notably, TheraCann is a division of molecular processing firm Applied DNA Sciences. As it turns out the company is working hard enough to make sure that weed or oil taken by their clients is legal and traceable and they have a number of products that shows how weed travels via live maps. This induced the idea for TheraCann to add these DNA tags to TruTrace Technologies blockchain-based StrainSecure database. The company began as BLOCKStrain and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is currently traded over the counter and it does not have a token.
This may not make complete sense to regular illegal pot users; why would a regular person want traceable or trackable weed? Or more like, who wants to get caught for possession? But beyond the abuse and unauthorized use of the herb, it is more of medication and is legalized in some countries to be bought and sold freely or as prescribed.
It is clear why this partnership between TruTrace and the ‘Pot Startup’ was instituted. it is an easy and efficient way to connect DNA tags to the blockchain in other to track almost any type of consumable be it food, Wine and now even cannabis (weed). Added to that, the blockchain way can also be used to protects a farmer’s intellectual property by ensuring genomes are traced.


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Credits- John Biggs


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