Coinbase sponsored digital card game ‘God Unchained’ Beta Launched

Gods Unchained is a Blockchain game created by Fuel Games; they have just launched the beta version of the game. Already, the Ethereum-powered game has sold four million virtual cards, that generated a revenue of $4 million for the gaming startup. Gods Unchained is fashioned with the use of blockchain technology to give players real ownership to the items they buy or earn, unlike traditional games where players do not own items they purchase in a game. This implies that players can trade or sell their game possessions for digital currency to other players.

The game creator, Fuel Games is currently creating the Apollo Platform which will offer scalable blockchain infrastructure for world-class game studios. To create Gods Unchained they raised $2.4 million from Coinbase Ventures, Sora Ventures, Nirvana Capital, and Continue Capital. The beta is said to be run through July during which cards will be collected from packs. According to the Co-Founder of Gods Unchained Robbie Ferguson, the new beta version of the game allows more players to “join the fray, collect cards, mint cards to the blockchain, and battle with others around the world.”
The game will be played for free during this time, a starter deck will be availed to new players and players looking to expand their collection will have access to booster packs. A limited edition of the Genesis Set which has 380 special cards has been released by the developers during this pre-sale stage for the game. After the beta closes, the developers will terminate the Genesis Set then version 1 of the game launches. Also, a new season of cards will follow the termination of the Genesis Set. About $430,000 has already been put aside for the first Gods Unchained World championship and Ten percent of the sales from the packs will go towards the prizes for the championship.
Ferguson said in a press release: “Gaming is a $100 billion per year market that has capitalized on leasing premium features to select individuals on their purchasing power. In almost every game, players are buying items, cards, skins, and upgrades which they do not truly own. Blockchain actually gives players digital-asset ownership by minting game elements to a blockchain. With Gods Unchained, we have captured the allure of traditional print card collectibles like Magic, married them with appealing visuals of digital games like Hearthstone, and added true ownership through the Ethereum blockchain.”

“Developers will monitor the performance of cards and measure the fairness of different deck combinations. This is to ensure that the game remains balanced, fun, and competitive. After the balancing beta, the development team will solidify card stats and activate peer-to-peer trading functions,” as an official statement revealed.


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Credits – Angeline Mbogo


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