Company Debuts Land Management Blockchain Masterclass In Ghana


Company Debuts Land Management Blockchain Masterclass In Ghana

Good news for blockchain lovers from the pioneer of “buy now and pay tomorrow”, Land Layby Ghana.

The Land Layby company Ghana wanted to address land acquisition issues in Ghana through the use of Land Options.

Land Options can be structured either as Call or Call/Put Options.with this option known as “Call option”, the buyer is given the right to buy a property in the future and pay some deposit of the properties price. This method allows the buyer to lock in the price for the agreed at an agreed duration.

Buyer’s exposure to risk is greatly reduced.

Sellers and buyers in Ghana and Ghanaians living in the diaspora can receive our services rendered by our company: Land Layby Ghana.

The main agenda is to speed up trade by eliminating the trust gap between the land sellers & buyers in Ghana.

Since the land options are exercised in 2 years, With this process, considering the fact that the Land Options are exercised in two years, buyers have enough time to asses any risk concerning the property as the lock- in the price of the property for the same duration. Now, this waiting period comes with enjoying any equity that comes up during the waiting period, investment risk is reduced as any information concerning the property is been assessed and monitored within a duration of 2 years before further commitment on the property. No lending interest on investment.

Blockchain technology use case



Working on how to consolidate the benefits of market innovation. Blockchain Technology has been adopted by the Company through its sister Companies – Land LayBy Technologies registered in Australia and Kenya.

The adoption of new technologies, however, a lot of this has to be put in place. There is a big task to accomplish and the task involves: implementation process, the masses and stakeholders needs to be educated to be properly informed on the method.

Recently, Land LayBy Ghana launched its first series of Blockchain Masterclass that focused on  Ghanaians in Accra.

The function’s attendance was reassuring, Considering the current blockchain technology association with pyramid schemes and bitcoin trading, the seminar was well attended.

During the Seminar, the team hopes to create awareness of the potential benefits of blockchain technology which is bridging the gap in trust. It is expected that at least a session of the masterclass will be conducted every two to three months. In this regard, the team is out to eradicate the trust barrier that currently exists in Ghana and most African countries between the land buyers and sellers.

Ghanaian equity partners – Jeff Opoku, GIS officer; Richard Otoo, a consulting geologist; Sylvester Se-edzi, Sales & Marketing expert; Victoria Aido, data analyst, and Isaac Dzakpata, the Business Development Manager came together and organized the Masterclass.

The process lays a foundation for the Ghanaians to understand how the technology can create affordability of land through the creation of a single source of truth; securing land rights through the immutability functions of the technology and improving the accessibility of land by creating access to real-time land transactional data. The Masterclass actually introduced Technology of three main elements capable of solving land challenges in Africa and beyond.

To unleash the continent’s potential to positively impact the economy, The company, Land LayBy Ghana seeks to recruit Ghanaian advocates to participate in the creation of a single source of truth, with a specific aim of mapping out dead capital assets on a register. Secondly to recruit entrepreneurs interested in acquiring the franchise in Ghana including various parts of Africa.

Speaking with Dr. Peter Tole, Chief Innovation Officer & CEO of the Land Layby Holdings, the World Bank Group innovation officer – Flavia Rigamonti discussed the interest in the Land LayBy innovation, specifically because it seeks to create a registry of the informal land information that constitutes trillions of dollars in dead capital.

The group seeks to sign up partners in preparation for rapid development and scaling of the solution which has interested the World Bank Group (WBG) Innovation Labs.



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