Consensys launches “Job Kit” to help Developers enter the blockchain industry.

Ethereum development studio ConsenSys has launched a blockchain The “job kit”, a new launch in blockchain from Ethereum development studio ConsenSys will guide developers wishing to enter the growing blockchain technology.
The kit provides a different types of resources, which includes information on the skills needed to find work as an ethereum blockchain and decentralized application (dapp) developer, the information was released on Friday.

Also the knowledge of JavaScript, Python and Solidity programming languages will help developers build on ethereum.
The knowledge of languages such as Go, Java,.NET, Rust, C++ and Ruby will help the backend or protocol development on the blockchain network, ConsenSys said.
The kit also offers various section on the main blockchain and cryptography terms such as consensus algorithms, sharding, token standards and hash functions, including provision of links on the places developers can start their search for employment.

These includes and Blocktribe. is also among but more developed than others.
Blockchain development skills are in high demand now, with it’s related job listings have experienced a 33-times increase in just a year looking at LinkedIn job list for 2018.
“Companies hiring range increased in high ranks towards company leaders”.

Citing another study by professional services firm PwC, ConsenSys gave another instance with PWC , said that 77 percent of companies are already on their way towards adopting blockchain-based solutions and products into production, while only 14 percent have no plans currently to integrate blockchain.

Technology is changing fast even as opinions on blockchain, distributed networks, and web3 are equally receiving a massive change amongst software developers building on web2.

Giving another instance from Deloitte as reported by Consensys, which said a majority (67.6 percent) of developers beleived in the prospects of blockchain tech.
ConsenSys also launched an academy to help developers learn more about the blockchain ecosystem in 2017.Blockchain is moving up and changing the world.


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Credit: Yogita Khatri



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