Crypto Campaign to Accomplish SDGs in Africa: Akoin Launches First ‘TOA.’

International music star Akon has been on a Blockchain Endeavor for Social Impact. Akoin is the inherent initiative for this goal. In Partnership with the SDG Impact Fund for the 17 SDGs across all 53 countries in Africa, Akoin announced the Launch of the Akoin Foundation and Issuance of Cryptocurrency “Tokens of Appreciation (TOA)” For Donors.

The SDG Impact Fund was announced at the United Nations in New York City on the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2018.  It is fully independent and recognized as a non-profit Donor Advised Fund (DAF). With a primary goal of attaining the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before 2030, SDG Impact Fund is the first of its kind to adopt and utilize traditional assets as well as all forms of crypto, token, and digital assets.

The Akoin Foundation exists to stimulate, educate and put young Africa entrepreneurs in motion as well as to aide other rising economies to establish and build businesses for sustainable communities. It is an arm of philanthropy in and part of Akon’s vision for a better world.

COO of Akoin, Lynn Liss reached out to Chief Development Magus of the SDG Impact Fund, Dr. Bryan Doreian and have Leveraged Akon’s large span of charitable work in Africa in collusion with their emerging blockchain endeavor. These two impact driven bodies have partnered to launch the Akoin Foundation. Akoin TOA (Token of Appreciation) is a cryptocurrency token that carries no monetary value presently. The TOA goes to donors; for every $1 USD donation made during the TOA campaign, up to the first $1M USD raised, donors will receive 4 TOAs for their gift. After the campaign occurred, donations went live on their online platform and generated over 20000USD in funds and about 229 participants as at the time of this writing. The collaboration of a not-for-profit structured establishment like the SDG Impact fund with the blockchain intuition and a high profile celebrity will be most likely be groundbreaking over time

In the words of Akon, “I’m excited for our team to launch the Akoin Foundation and our first Token of Appreciation campaign. This is what we’re all about at Akoin — coming up with innovative solutions, appreciating the fans, and empowering the people to take charge of their finances,”. “I’ve said before: blockchain and crypto bring the power back to the people and has the potential to transform Africa’s economies. We’re giving people the chance to get involved early and show their support of that transformation.”

The joint force believes that the development of young entrepreneurs is the best way to promote innovation, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world at large. They have set themselves a goal to educate, inspire and activate 2 million new CEOs in Africa and beyond by 2030. The aim for the TOA campaign is to raise no less than $1M USD to support the building of the Akoin platform, the technical heart of the Akoin ecosystem, and help jumpstart their philanthropic programming.


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Credit – RealLeaders, Youtube.




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