‘CryptoKitties’ Creator Nets $275K in First-Week Spending From New Game.

You may or may not be familiar with the ‘CryptoKitties craze’ but it has been from 2017. CryptoKitties was a cryptocurrency based game created by Dapper Labs. The same company has now unveiled its newest ethereum-based gaming experience last Friday dubbed Cheeze Wizards. Already, the game has attracted 973 players who purchased 4,470 fighters, according to the head of communications at Dapper Labs, Bryce Bladon. Like CryptoKitties, Dapper’s pilot game, the self-custodied NFTs in “Cheeze Wizards” are designed to acquire unique traits that could provide opportunities for usage beyond the Dapper Labs tournament itself.

There are cheese-shaped cartoon wizards as characters in the game from which players can select to battle online for a grand prize of ether tokens. A total of 1,013 ETH has been collected so far, for roughly $275,000 at current prices from purchases of game characters. However, most of the ether realized from these digital wizards go toward prizes. Going to the game’s grand prize winner is 607 ETH.

Bladon said in an interview that the first tournament will kick off later this summer and span across several weeks. He noted that in the tournament all these wizards fight it out until just one is left with “the big cheese,” In his words: “Players summon wizards, each of which is a non-fungible token (NFT), the winner gets a portion of the losing wizard’s power… Using rock-paper-scissors logic, a winner is picked for each of the five spells cast.”

Relevant regulations in jurisdictions of online games that involve monetary prizes are unclear in Canada, Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Inherently, users from these countries cannot participate in tournaments. Yet there are still gamers from these areas who have found ways to develop external applications to enable them to participate in the ecosystem. A prediction market and a decentralized exchange platform for trading wizards have been built. In fact, at least five different projects have already been built on the new game.

The Dapper lab head of communication affirmed the possibility to take the asset away from the original game and use it elsewhere. Although their sophomore game “Cheeze Wizards” uses the Dapper’s ethereum wallet, it is compatible with most crypto wallets and the gamers’ assets, transferable. Bladon also relayed Dapper Lab’s plans to create opportunities and support for developers who want to build tools, features and parallel experiences related to “Cheeze Wizards.”


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Credits – Leigh Cuen


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