Cryptopia Stolen Funds have Hackers movement traced to over Four Wallets.

Cryptopia may have recently gone into liquidation but the hackers are still very much in operation. The thieves hacked and stole $16 million in ethereum have reportedly started to transfer stolen crypto into different wallets. Cryptopia suffered a serious hack negative impact since the digital assets were stolen. The company never disclosed the exact amount but the word was able to get out and present the stated estimate.

The hackers are said to be moving stolen cash into separate wallets that were directly connected to Huobi. Two other addresses received 1010 ETH when combined, another 10 ETH was spotted in an alleged Huobi deposit address and then went to a Huobi hot wallet. According to a comment on the also recent Binance hack, hacker 101 is to transfer stolen funds into smaller bits of different addresses or wallets. This renders the goose chase harder and suggests the cyber thieves are plotting to withdraw in cash through different exchanges.

The analysis source, CoinFirm’s Grant Blaisdell said:

“The Cryptopia hacker moved 30,790 ETH (~$7.67M) from the last red address to the yellow one which is a new address of the hacker as of May 20, 2019, at 01:43:57 AM +UTC. The yellow address still has got 29,770 ETH,” As of about 2 pm EST on May 20 another 30,788 ETH moved into a new set of wallets.

Despite liquidation, the affected exchange still has eyes on these frequent movements by the hackers. The stolen ethers may remain on a ping pong run for a while before the thieves can get them withdrawn if they can. No one knows what is really happening as regards the different movement into different wallets.

The long term damage of the Cryptopia shutdown may not be easily reparable in invent of recovering stolen funds or another shot are restarting business in the future.


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Credits – John Biggs


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