Education Drive in Ghana Led by ‘Youngest Crypto Entrepreneur’

Elisha Owusu Akyaw is the founder and CEO of Token Media, who started his journey of innovation in the blockchain space at the age of 16. Elisha’s Ghana-based cryptocurrency marketing company aims to assist new and existing blockchain projects to reach their target audience using global best practice marketing solutions. Via his company founded in 2017, he seeks to promote bitcoin and blockchain adoption in Ghana through an education campaign.

Elisha is usually described as the youngest “Bitcoin Entrepreneur” and has drawn some media intention with his work in the industry. This has earned him a spot on the ​Top 20 Blockchain Influencers in Africa​ by

The BlockXAfrica brand will host Elisha’s education drive. BlockXAfrica’s belief in blockchain’s power to accelerate the development of Ghana has made them a befitting sponsor. They envisage that this power will reduce financial woes through cryptocurrency usage, fix birth and death registry with blockchain solutions, check corruption through blockchain backed record systems, etc.
BlockXAfrica is a blockchain startup based in Ghana with an aim to bridge the blockchain and cryptocurrency education gap through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation. The startup is made up of a group of young Ghana indigenes that advocate, teach and disseminate information about cryptocurrencies. They intend to achieve their aim through strategic educational campaigns and social intervention programs & projects.
According to the company, the education campaign should enlighten people on the importance of cryptocurrency and also the use cases across the continent will be addressed. additionally, one of the highest contributing factors to lack of ‘faith’ in the technology is the cryptocurrency scams that have invaded the industry in Africa; this is also on the agenda of the company.
BlockXAfrica organized its first meetup during the last weekend and plans to embark on a tour across the country.

​BlockXAfrica, aside from education,​ will create innovations backed by blockchain technology to solve various social issues in Ghana in partnership with local developers. ‘as a way to show the masses how blockchain can change lives,’ the company also claims charities across the country will be beneficiaries of some of their proceeds as a donation.


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