Empowerment of Teens and Youths in Africa Via an EOS partnership  

Prospectors.io has a game based on the historical stories of many gold rushes and stories of how countries and individuals became wealthy because they “struck gold”. Their game has an economic strategy and is an online real-time game for multiple players that was built on EOS. The EmpowermeEOS has recently formed a partnership with Prospectors.io in a bid to empower young people in marginalized communities in Africa.

As a social enterprise that leverages on EOS Technology and Community to empower teens and youths, EmpowermeEOS is passionate about extending the boundaries of EOS to marginalized communities in Africa thereby facilitating the mass adoption of EOS.  One of the ways EmpowermeEOS exerts its leverage is by giving phones to youths in marginalized communities, to enable them to earn EOS based tokens and mentoring them to become civic leaders and EOS ambassadors in their communities. In addition to the EOS blockchain giving a more reliable infrastructure that gives gamers true ownership of their digital assets, the platform has no fees attached for traders can conveniently trade their digital assets. The new rave of “play to earn” will quickly become not just only a trend but also a standard.

The Prospectors game allows players an opportunity to earn from the game and the real money can be converted to cash. One would basically play to mine gold or build tools or render services in order to earn gold/PGL tokens.  In that regard, the organization will provide assistance in the form of in-game assets, which will enable students of the program to work and start businesses in the game to earn income. Added to that, Prospectors.io is a perfect educational tool for EmpowermeEOS students during the course of the game. It would teach the inner workings of money and cryptocurrency, the basic principles of economics and commerce and basic accounting; the students would learn to strategize, effectively manage resources, coordinate themselves and trade and cooperate with other players.

Also, the ongoing source of passive income from earning the PGL token will be provided by means of a daily dividend reward paid to all PGL holders who “stake” their tokens. Mentoring and education to the students about the many opportunities the game provides have been availed by the team’s communication manager.

Students are mandated to give back to the EOS community by sponsoring one protegee after their time in the program; this is the design of the EmpowermeEOS program. The protegee will be sponsored with the same measure of education, mentorship or sponsorship that they have received. Consequently, if everyone who has been empowered, in turn, empowers just one person who then empowers another person, and if it is kept up, the world at large would be changed significantly for the better. Drawing new users to EOS and Prospectors game is a benefit for the partnership as well as the community in general.

Recommendations from various reputable organizations like Jumpstart Academy are the primary source of recruiting EmpowermeEOS Students.


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Credits- David Ben


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