Ethereum likely to rise above $2000- Latest price prediction reveals

Ethereum likely to rise above $2000- Latest price prediction reveals


There will be an Ethereum race that will take the price of Ethereum to $2000 soon. The latest Ethereum price prediction in 2019 reveals this.

A new Ethereum price prediction 2019, recently shared by Jason A. Williams, an industry leader and the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. In this latest Ethereum world news, the analysts predicted that the price of Ethereum will go as high as $2000 by before the middle part of 2019. Stating that Bitcoin will sell as high as $28,000 and Litecoin will sell as high as $650 in a crypto market race like never before by cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin bull run which will ripple into the entire cryptocurrency market, this is a strong technical point to support the bitcoin race. Ethereum bull run would start as soon as the 50 DMA crosses the 200 DMA on the charts.

The price of Ethereum was able to soar higher against the resistance at $140 and was primed to surge higher after a brief correction. From the time of this report, according to the Ethereum price analysis on NewsBtc, all the technical indicators there are bullish. Ethereum, just like many other cryptocurrencies started trading in green against the USD.


Ethereum is currently trading at $139.79 On CoinMarketCapital. From these figures, it then means that it is up by 0.71% against the USD though losing its bullish momentum. Against the BTC, it is up by 0.06%. The volume traded over a 24 hour period is $4,739,996,715 and the market capitalization is $14,736,936,157.

The hope investors have in the Ethereum blockchain has increased as the Etherum Constantinople has helped to renew their hope. This present condition has brought Ethereum one step closer to its final destination, Serenity. After the Serenity stage of Ethereum’s development is reached, Etherum would be unstoppable. Ethereum would have sealed its position as the foremost decentralized computer in the world which is the aim.

Though we should not overlook the current and past bullish pressure in the market William’s prediction is yet to be confirmed presently. Ethereum has recovered significantly from its crypto winter low of about $80 just like Litecoin, as it moves above the resistance at $100, the Ethereum price has been recovering steadily against the USD. There has been a whole lot of upward movement.

The question now is, is it possible for Etherum to recover up to 2000 dollars within this shortest time?. Let’s watch and see if this upward movement is been sustained.




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credit:  Newsbtc


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