Ex- Coinbase CTO is behind the mysterious Nakamoto.com, according to a source.

A website known as Nakamoto.com that is more than twice as old as bitcoin, which has just redirected to a San Francisco developer’s personal website.

It is owned by of one of the best-known investors in crypto: Balaji S. Srinivasan, former Andreessen Horowitz partner, founder of Earn.com and former chief technology officer of Coinbase according industry sources.
Nakamoto is bitcoin country. HODL or GTFO.”stated the current site.
As of now, potential users can only enter their email address and await more information.

The Srinivasan has never directly responded to multiple attempts to confirm he was running the site, but he actually recommended a go-to-market strategy in his recent tweet which is similar to the one the site appears to be using:

Another approach (recommended if feasible) is to soft launch first.
Put up the site/app, don’t make a big fuss about it, start gaining customers by individually emailing & signing them up.
Your first “launch” is then the announcement of a concrete traction milestone.
— Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis) August 1, 2019.

One of the best-funded early bitcoin companies, 21e6, which later rebranded as 21 Inc and then again as Earn.com was led by Srinivasan .The main idea was to make bitcoin home of miners for regular people.

As the realities of the bitcoin mining market became clearer, the idea faced major headwinds despite raising $116 million in March 2015.

Eventually, the company would take a major leap as later in 2015, 21 Inc seeks to find a way to move out of a straightforward mining hardware play.

It would open its bitcoin-powered email service in May 2017, to the public, enabling users to set up an account where correspondents would pay to get a reply in bitcoin.

To better reflect the new mission, plans are on to change its name to Earn.com later this year.

In the early part of 2018, Earn.com was then purchased by Coinbase , a move which many saw as an expensive acquisition of Srinivasan as much as it was an acquisition of the company itself.

Nevertheless, in Coinbase’s offerings, Earn has evolved to take a prominent place allowing assets listed by the exchange to make a bigger splash by allowing interested users to earn some crypto in exchange for going through educational modules about various tokens.

In May the announcement the departure of Srinivasan as he announced he was leaving Coinbase. An investigation by The Information found that Srinivasan’s departure followed a tense year of internal debate inside the company.

Presently plans are underway as Srinivasan’s next chapter may be Nakamoto.com.The site’s past is well documented as little is known of its future plans.
It was first registered in 1997, a run through on the archives shows that the website belonged to a technologist who shares the last name of the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin.

Meanwhile , more is yet to unveil as records show a transfer was made in July 2018, though the information on the current owner is masked by a proxy, as Privacy Protection Service, Inc.

The new site is scanty and unassuming , yet actively on crypto. It’s not yet clear on the purpose and mission.
More will be updated as more information is made available.


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Credits;  Brady Dale , Zack Seward


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