Global Crypto Payments Card Introduced by Crypterium

A financial technology startup based in Estonia, Crypterium has launched the Crypterium Card; this happens to be the first crypto card available globally. The “easiest and fastest way for holders to access their digital currencies,” is believed by Crypterium to be crypto cards. This fuelled their concern that availability was too limited or arbitrary to make it a legitimate option for crypto payments on the world stage.

Crypto cards, such as the Coinbase Card, were only accessible in specific countries or by region prior to this launch as the company stated. Although Coinbase recently announced it would expand services to six additional European countries after being only available for users in the U.K, Crypterium has, in one shot, availed a world-wide crypto card. In an email response to an interview: “By ‘global’ we mean that no matter where people are based, they can order and receive it in only 3 business days,” Matias Lapuschin said.

To confirm the crypto card works as a payment option, the payment services had already tested through 5,000 Estonian clients who pre-ordered. “The Crypterium Card is a UnionPay prepaid debit card.” since UnionPay enables global coverage as opposed to Visa and MasterCard that work in regions like UK, Central Europe, US, etc. Also, to double check the product on the claim of ‘global application’ a company representative, Siranush Sharoyan said that card developers — on different travels to across-world cryptocurrency conferences– used the prepaid plastic to purchase goods and services in bitcoin, ether, and litecoin across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Since Crypertium saw that in terms of services, the regions where people actually treated crypto as currency were also undeveloped, the card is admittedly concentrated in regions like those. Lapuschin said: “The main players in the [crypto card] market are focusing on developed countries, like the UK, US or EEA. That’s leaving behind plenty of holders from countries like Venezuela, Brazil, India, South Korea, etc. The Crypterium Card was designed to promote inclusivity in crypto-based financial services,” but, however, there are a number of requests for the card coming from the U.S.

Crypterium is expected to expand the coins it offers for the card over time but says it will be selective about the currencies it allows the card to offer. In that regard, Sharoyan said that “major cryptocurrencies,” are what the company is gunning for as well as companies “that are prepared to help us promote the product” through co-marketing or partnering to create solutions for their communities. According to Sharoyan, Crypterium alleges it is fully compliant with U.K. and Estonian laws, and that it issues the cards using their undisclosed bank partner’s license. With as little as proof of identity and proof of residence in varying forms, these cards are easily gotten. There ‘little or no fee’ for transactions with this card is another attraction.


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Credits- Daniel Kuhn



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