Good news!!, Microsoft is planning on spending $100 million on Kenya and Nigeria tech development hub.


Microsoft planns to  spend $100 million on Kenya and Nigeria tech development hub.

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp has huge plans to invest $100 million to open an Africa technology development centre with sites in Kenya and Nigeria over the next five years, according to the company on Tuesday.

The need arises as the Global tech giants, such as Alphabet Inc and Facebook, has been increasing investment on the continent in recent years as the move to take advantage of growing economies with the increasing access rates to the internet by its youthful population as more things are now going digital.

Microsoft will hire more than 100 local engineers to work in the new Africa facility in both countries t In other to customise its applications for the African market as well as to develop new ones for the continent and beyond, Microsoft is working on hiring more than 100 local engineers for the work in the new African facility in both countries; Nigeria and Kenya”. This is according to a statement made by the company.

According to Microsoft it says “In addition, it is an opportunity to work with partners, governments , academias and developers, and accelerating impact and innovation in sectors important to the continent,” mentioning financial technology , off grid energy and farming technology as an example

They also said that Engineers at the new Africa development centre will use artificial intelligence to build applications, mixed reality and machine learning.
The company already has six other development hubs located elsewhere in the world owned by Microsoft .The new Africa development hub will also support Microsoft’s established businesses such as Office, Azure and Windows, will also be supported by the new African development hub. This is a welcome development.


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