Google To Grant Users Opportunity To ‘Auto-Delete’ Web Tracking History


Google To Grant Users Opportunity To ‘Auto-Delete’ Web Tracking History



Google is on the move to allow users the choice of being able to automatically delete their search and location history after three months.

This web tracking history will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Users will be able to auto delete their location history data, web browsing app, including app activities with the use of “auto delete tools”

Google had an issue last year November, as it was accused of misleading about location tracking, after which consumer groups from seven European nations asked their privacy regulators to take action against the giant company Google.

Location tracking

GDPR complaints were filled against Google’s “ location tracking “ , they accused Google for tracking the movements of millions of users which is breaching against European Union’s privacy laws. The case was filed by these consumers groups from Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece and Netherlands.

Google is also facing another a lawsuit in the United States for allegedly tracking phone users not minding the existence of privacy settings.
It was discovered that even when Google “Location History” setting is switched off by users, some Google services which runs on Apple and Android devices determines and stores the users location. That lawsuit was filed after an investigation by the Associated Press confirmed their findings.

The introduction of “auto delete tools” in addition to that of manual delete, this will give users more control over data harvested from any app or web. Right from the on set, Google allows for manual data delete when users gets information from YouTube, search and Maps and deletes them manually.

According to David Monsees, in a blog post he wrote that:

when you turn on settings like Location History or Web & App Activity, the data can make Google products more useful for you in many ways– like helping to pick up where you left off or where u stopped on a previous search and making a recommendation on an eatery of your choice and other things like that.”


He also added that;

We heard your feedback on the need to provide users with easier and simpler ways to manage data harvested from app or web, as you can already use your Google Account to access simple on/off controls for Location History and Web & App Activity, and to delete manually either all or a part of the data. Now we are informing all the users that in addition to these options in use, we are introducing “auto-delete” for easier data management”

In addition, data can be saved within a time limit as long as you wish. The user saves his or her data within a time frame which could be 3 months or 1i months from the settings tool.
Therefore, any data older than that will be automatically deleted from your account as it stands.

It should also be noted that there will be no auto-delete for YouTube watch history or voice commands issued through Home and Assistant.

The first part of the control setting tools which involves Location History and Web & App Activity will roll out in the coming weeks. David Monsees wrote: “ we are committed to giving you users friendly interface and best controls for you to be able to manage your data in a way that works perfectly  for you




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Credit: Techeconomy, Newsbit.


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