Government of Ekiti State Restrategise for Development in ICT Capacity; Huawei aids them.

The Ekiti State Government has reportedly joined forces with one of Nigeria’s leading IT Brands. It had earlier expressed willingness to get its goal to enhance citizens’ ICT capacity and deepen e-governance offerings by partnering with information and communication technology companies.

The State is expecting a partnership with Huawei Technologies and other global IT giants. The State Government will be working with the partners in areas such as Smart Governance, Citizen Information Management System, e-learning projects and equipping computer labs in schools according to a report from Techeconomy’s Peter Oluka. from the 5th Nigerian Women in Information Technology (NIWIIT) Conference held in the State.

The Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Evangelist Foluso Daramola was also interviewed and she had this to say,

“We believe that in order to grow the knowledge economy we are talking about we need to actually capture students from the basic level. When we increase their interest in information and communication technology (ICT), they will do a lot to help in the development of the State. That is the reason we want to perfect the system. You can’t talk about ICT development without first capturing the attention of young people.”

“They need to be competitive; they need to be assured that there is an ecosystem to absorb their solutions.

“We are even looking at a situation whereby some of them who may not be able to go beyond secondary school can still tap into ICT to better their worth. They can do exploits; ICT will afford them the platform for entrepreneurship”.

As regards when the projects will commence the commissioner said “Presently, we are conducting audits to ascertain what is on ground and other things that may be required to commence. We don’t want to engage in half-baked projects because such things end up producing mediocrity in the system. So, the State is conducting an ICT infrastructure audit as an important process to build a solid process.”

There will be many unwavering opinions of how this big step toward embracing Technology will impact positively the state and country at large.

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Credits – Peter Oluka.

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