Government of Rhode Island Looking to Adopt Blockchain technology

A couple of governments of different countries seem to have been finding a way to entwine digitization in the administration operations via blockchain technology. Most recently, West Africa’s Liberia signed an MoU with MLG- a blockchain rooted company– to digitize its government operations. Certainly, a densely populated state like Rhode Island could certainly become a hub for the crypto industry.

U.S. state in New England, Rhode Island has issued a request for proposals aimed at exploring the viability of blockchain technology to improve state operations. Following the state’s recent loosening of certain security laws for blockchain businesses.

Liz Tanner, the Director of the Department of Business Regulation in a statement expressed that she believes the modernization of government and enablement of bureaucratic efficiency in the state is what blockchain represents. Additionally, she said Rhode Island’s initiatives were inspired by the adoption of blockchain by overseas governments. A memo following the RFP states, “Suggested areas of application… include antifraud, contracts, medical marijuana, records, notarization, registration and licensing, investigative evidence control and more.” The request for proposals is not narrowed to addressing specific problems, there are opening for many possibilities of the emerging technology.

The director of public affairs for the Department of Administration in Rhode Island, Brenna McCabe stated that a long list of possible applications abounds in Government Technology that should incentivize more bidders, all of whom are required to submit two proofs of concept for blockchain application. The director also said the ingenuity of the industry will be stifled by state officials if the scope of the RFP is limited.

The memo stated: “With proofs of concept, [Rhode Island] can gain a better understanding of the maturity of blockchain technologies and platforms, as well as potential sustainability in state government operations,” implying that actual proposals are needed to give an insight to the idea of the technology’s significance.

According to the RFP “The initial contract period is estimated to begin Aug. 13 for a time period determined by the winning bid(s),” and the prospective proposals will be reviewed by a technical evaluation committee composed of staff from various state agencies. If there will any problems, it would be from changes in the aspect of laws, regulations and licensing structures, that would be needed to allow for blockchain use. Ultimately, the state leaders will use superior power to narrow down ideas.


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