Introducing SunGroowMall(the crypto marketplace) – A Nigerian Decentralized Online Store. Coming to Kenya.

Introducing SunGroowMall – A Nigerian Decentralized Online Store Using Crypto Coming to Kenya

Sungroowmall is a decentralized online store. It is a place where you can buy or sell items with crypto. The eCommerce platform is working on expanding into Kenya enabling crypto users to purchase items with the use of cryptocurrency.

Sungroowmall a huge online store and is the first largest decentralized web 3.0 cryptocurrency marketplace for buying and selling in Nigeria, Africa, and globally. Buyers and sellers visit there to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses such as goods and services online. The transactions are made between buyers and sellers with bitcoin currency. It also helps users to search or post information to find potential business partners and seal deals online.
Sungroowmall enables both buyers and sellers to create their own account and use crypto for payments or exchange goods and services without restrictions on accounts.

Presently, the only means of payment platform is only Bitcoin, may be soon other crypto currencies will follow up.
Speaking to BitcoinKE, the company said:

We seek more merchants to come on board our marketplace in Kenya as we extend of tentacles to Kenya as we anticipate the reality of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency across Africa ”
The eCommerce platform listed a various types of items that can be purchased using cryptocurrency Some of these includes:
• Wrist watches
• Phones
• Fragrances
• Hair care products
• Baby products
And among other items not mentioned here.
The platform is inviting sellers and buyers all over the globe, initially starting with Nigeria and Kenya. One of the main purpose is to move businesses using blockchain technology through rendering their support.

It has a user friendly interface as signup process is quick and easy, within 5 minutes. Merchants can begin selling their products as soon as the account opens, to a mass market of ‘more than 50,000,000 crypto lovers in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Sungroowmall happens to be one of the few platforms that is offering real use cases for cryptocurrencies globally. Platform like Sungroomall is likely to play prominent roles in the growth and fast integration and adoption of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as the African adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to increase globally.


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Credit; BitcoinKe, Blockchainafrica.


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