‘ Magic’ goes live as the cyber security expert, John McAfee’s new crypto trading platform gets set for launch.

A new crypto trading platform has just been launched by John McAfee, cybersecurity expert ,a well known and eccentric crypto fan. Named “Magic,” the site works by allowing users to automatically and manually trade cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges within a single dashboard.

Funds are transferred from those accounts to compete the transaction and users will need to plug in APIs from their other exchanges to set this up when a trade is carried out or done.

McAfee indicated in a tweeted image that:  “two “portals” are on offer, one will be for ‘normal spot trading’ while the other is for ‘shadow trading’ whereby a user’s trades will be set to look like those of pro-level traders who are ranked by the community by their trading success,”

Other features include The “set and forget” is another features involved the ability to set buy and sell orders at the same time. Auto trades can be made through the platform by users on their behalf on their behalf. The exchange is not under any restriction on where u are operating from or who uses it.

As regards the security on offer, the site is hosted on “top grade” according to the ‘Magic’s FAQs’ which says that Amazon Web Service servers that come with DDoS protection and can as well “scale on demand.”

Information from the site also reads: “We are only releasing this platform to the public After extensive testing and auditing processes that stretched months, we have come to release this platform.”
Looks like Magic have faced a DDoS attack even before launch. In a pre-launch tweet, McAfee said:

“McAfeeMagic.com still under attack and New I.P. address in Texas. Actually, the more this goes on, the closer we get. As Amazon AWS servers are “learning” the attack and will be up shortly. “Flash” a random stranger and video while you wait.” Or you can Catch up on work, make out with your partner.”
Though we don’t recommend taking his advice.

McAfee also announced 10 days ago that he would launch a cryptocurrency named the “McAfee Freedom Coin” this season, kind of confusing anyway.

The McAfee Freedom Coin is designed to tackle the problem of exchange operations. It doesn’t belong to or even connected to any entity or based on any commodity nor is it connected to the value or behaviour of any external item . The value of the coin will always be zero in relation to any other currency and yet it’s natural market value remains free, completely to grow.

The token however, does not look like it belongs or is to be linked to the operation of new exchange, at least not yet. (ARB) ERC-20 token from a project called Arbitraging will be used by the Magic site.



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Credit: Daniel Palmer


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