New Public Health Protocols facilitated in Africa by Blockchain Startups’ Aide.

There have been lots of steps in Africa’s blockchain movement in recent times since Blockchain technology was introduced globally. For the nations of Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon, Paxful- a bitcoin market platform- has announced plans to establish a blockchain incubator hub in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as run blockchain and cryptocurrency events. A real estate Kenyan firm, Land Layby Group plans to use blockchain to store land registry records, eliminating the existing real estate challenges of fraud, double ownership, and false documents, Amongst other milestones.

This movement in Africa is supported by multiple international crypto projects, as well as domestic initiatives; in utilizing the technology startups in Africa are not being left behind. Kamari and Kinect, two African blockchain teams are now bringing decentralized technology to the medical industry.

The two startups intend to anchor several public health initiatives, which include detection efforts for infectious diseases like HIV. The partnership will capitalize on blockchain to build a special, multi-country lottery to encourage untested males between the ages of 18 to 34 years to undergo an HIV test at participating clinics, According to a report on their press release.

Kamari is a Technological project with existing licenses in over seven African countries building an ecosystem of online casinos, mobile gaming, and lotteries. They are a relatively new multi-country initiative with a vision of building this rare ecosystem for over one billion people.

While it’s Uplifting Africa’ partner Kinect is a health technology platform based on blockchain with a focus to fund and promote new HIV testing programmes in countries across Africa which is an advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They work closely with the Ministries of Health and large global charities across Africa to improve the wellbeing of African Citizens.

Chairman of Kinect, Toby Carroll said: “We believe that this partnership with Kamari and the proposed lottery as an incentive to untested individuals coaxing them to take their first test, will lead to increased education, treatment and hopefully reduce the spread of the disease.”

The keen interest constantly shown by these two Diaspora-Based Blockchain startups towards African development is heartfelt and only hopes for the great achievement of goals can be kept up.

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Credit- Jalen Fargharson, VALLETTA Malta, Wikipedia.

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