Nigerian CEO premiere’s Blockchain based Sports betting Platform, Sprtshub.

The CEO of Ejemai Joseph was excited to announce the launch of its Mainnet in a recent interview. Sprtshub is a Nigerian premiere Platform built on the EOSIO Protocol for blogging and getting rewarded with cryptocurrency has launched. The news about the launch came directly from the CEO revealing that the newly added features of premium sports platform are up and running.

According to the Sprtshub Team:

The project is positioned to build a technology that will disrupt the sports industry. Over 8000 posts have been approved and curated since project launch. Also, about 4000 other posts have been declined.’ ‘ is an open-source decentralized sports sharing platform that rewards contributors for the contribution to the world of Sports. We are using this platform that is riding on the Steem Blockchain to make the earnings possible without middlemen, fair and square.’

The platform had crossed 2,500 Monthly Active Users (MAC) from around the world in January of 2019. Their Testnet was inherently very successful as the platform claims this mark was reached without a marketing budget. Sprtshub appears to have a supportive community. They have completed several projects since they started out inclusive of; Connection to EOS and Steem Blockchain, betting and gaming platform, Building a Blog and connecting the blogging platform to the blockchain and more. Blockchain related features of the platform include crypto Mining through interactions and engagements, an in platform wallet (where users can store Sportscoin earned for use) and Coversion of Sportscoin to SBD & STEEM.

The Sprtshub Team also emphasized the importance of sports and aim to encourage earning from sports platforms more than before. In their words ‘The top reason why sport is important in modern society is that it is a source of inspiration that unites and employs millions around the world. For far too long, the sporting community has relied on very few sports platforms for the latest information and the opportunity to earn from content creation has never really been encouraged.’ The goal of the platform being entwined with blockchain tech makes it different from the usual sports betting avenues.

The CEO, Ejemai Joseph is well grounded in the tech space and has prior narc for incorporating initiatives with technology. Backing this up is his already established STACH Digital Innovations (where he is the founder); the innovation is an accelerator program designed to provide coworking spaces complete with free Wi-Fi and electricity to young tech lovers and enthusiasts. His record of interacting and building communities on the Steem Blockchain birthed the development of as we now know it.

He recanted in the interview that, the project will almost immediately begin to avail community and users with more features to enable them to achieve optimality from using the platform. This is in tune with the company’s bespoke roadmap.


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