Nigerian Owned SatoWallet Launches its New Web Exchange.

The CEO of Satowallet, Samuel Benedict Ogbonnaya in an interview early this week revealed that Satowallet, was set to launch to its global audience this month. On its prior emergence in 2017 satowallet was merely a multi-cryptocurrency wallet and exchange App and now it has become a full trading platform.

In a reassuring tone, Ogbonnaya had stated: “The SatoWallet Exchange will go live on Thursday, 6th June 2019. A look through our handle on Twitter (@satowallet) has a breakdown of some of the key features to look out for. As of today Monday, June 3rd, 2019, SatoWallet has a scheduled system upgrade, which will see SatoWallet working on migrating it’s User accounts of over 150,000 Users to deliver a smooth launch as scheduled. Adequate technical analysis will be provided for during this period,”

Interestingly also, the CEO highlighted that “this period will see SatoWallet having a lock time, as opposed to downtime which many are known to have. While activities have been locked, the routine is to last for only about 8hrs, from there’s on, all orders, deposits, withdrawals, etc will be open for trading.”

In the words of the Nigerian CEO as well, during the interview: “SatoWallet Exchange will be open to everyone in the world who is looking to delve into the blockchain space, with a specific interest in Cryptocurrency. SatoWallet however, currently has a user base spanning across over 50 countries of the world. We have been able to achieve this given our customer-centric nature and conscious pursuits of engaging more individuals into the blockchain space. With the launch of the exchange and the global rising of industries seeking to dive into the blockchain space, Satowallet Exchange will provide better use case analysis and market trends for a variety of professionals and bodies alike…”

Some of the Satowallet Exchange features include IEO Launchpad– to create ease of trade and fundraising for users,  Shop with Crypto– which gives users first-hand experience to get a real life value use Case with cryptocurrency, Faucet– a live page for earning free cryptocurrency for any, amongst other unique features. Users of Satowallet apps store, stake/mine, and securely trade their cryptocurrencies. Of the few African blockchain projects with Global relevance, Satowallet is one. Its availability has spread across both Android and iOS and it has notable partners like Changelly, Tron, Digibyte, and others. As promised by SatoWallet CEO, their exchange platform has gone live as of today.


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Credits- Victor Ugochukwu


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