NITDA’s view on Automated Asset Declaration process.

The National Information Technology Development Agency is the ICT arm of the Federal Ministry of Communication that facilitates policy implementing in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Although founded in 2001, the current CEO of NITDA since 2016 is Isa Ali Pantami and it’s headquartered is in the country’s capital, Abuja. It has the sole responsibility of developing programs that cater to running ICT related activities in Nigerian and sits as an advisor for copyright law by verification and revision of applicable laws in relation with the application of software and technology acquisition

Dr. Pantami, during a recent presentation in Abuja at the CCB Management Retreat in NAF Conference Centre, has charged up the Management Staff of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to computerize the nation’s Asset Declaration Process. NITDA’s DG, Dr. Pantami pledged the willingness of the Agency’s to support, advice, and supervise the process. He confirmed that the prior Treasury Single Account (TSA) implementation by the Federal Government has saved over 20BN per month as well as reduced the past number of accounts that were about 2000 to a single account today.

He emphasized the importance of digitizing the process, that maintaining it is possible and achievable and with this digital change in his words “you will leave a legacy in the Institution and Nigeria at large.” He also said the automation will save time, resources, manpower, preserve the integrity of the information and bring about efficiency in service delivery.

Asset declaration for public officials objectifies the promotion of public trust through accountability and has fast become one of the tools that prevent corruption even though it cannot be curbed permanently. Controversies over Asset Declaration in Nigeria have spun out in large numbers over time, this statement by the NITDA would be a storm calmer in this light.


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Credit – Techeconomy, Wikipedia.



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