No African Country Yet!, As CoinBase Expands to 85 New Countries.



CoinBase Expands to 85 New Countries, No African Country Yet


Coinbase, the mega American crypto exchange, which previously had 32 countries its rendering services, recently announced that it’s services are now available in 103 countries. African countries are not yet added to its list of countries where its services are available.

It was announcement during the trading launch of USDC stablecoin on the platform.

According to a blog post this week, ‘CoinBase’ said:
“A year ago, Coinbase was only available to its customers in 32 countries but now over the last 12 months, we’ve repositioned our foundational work and our to create a more trusted, safe and legal bridge to crypto. Today, our network of services to customers spans to 103 countries across every major continent and 50 which are just announcing now, Today’s news is significant as it’s an important milestone for Coinbase and crypto adoption everywhere ”

According to the Coinbase website, African countries are not included in the full transaction with cryptocurrency as you cannot buy or sell crypto in any country in Africa. But however, this 13 African countries have been listed for now in the Coinbase exchange where one can only ‘convert.’

These countries are:

• Kenya
• Uganda
• South Africa
• Ghana
• Mauritius
• Botswana
• Rwanda
• Benin
• Angola
• Cameroon
• Tunisia
• Zambia

Looking at the List its obvious that Nigeria is missing from the list. Evidently, according to recent report statistics, Nigeria has one of the largest Bitcoin and crypto holdings and activities in Africa.

As huge exchange  company, Coinbase and Binance expand and offer their services beyond certain jurisdictions in order to take advantage of the massive interest in the space globally, it will interesting to see how it goes.



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Credits: CNBCAfrica



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