Nokia’s Retro Classic 8110 welcomes WhatsApp to the Store.

Nokia phones are borne from deep research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs. They aim to be communications service providers, for governments, large enterprises, and consumers, with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing.

Nokia has constantly catered to the changing needs in mobile devices and telecom of the world for over 150 years. HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announced that WhatsApp, the simple, reliable and secure messaging app, is now available on the Nokia 8110 and up for downloads in the Store.

The General manager, West, East, and Central Africa at HMD Global, Joseph Umunakwe said: “Millions of people stay in touch with their loved ones through messaging apps like WhatsApp, and we wanted to bring this to fans of our retro classic, the Nokia 8110. Now, you can keep up to date on your family and friends’ groups, share messages and never miss a moment, all with the style and cool-factor of a true Nokia classic.”

The Nokia 8110 has a familiar and user-friendly interface that features intuitive tactile mechanics like the sliding up the top part to pick up calls and sliding it back to end the calls. It is also designed as a phone that allows for an addictive helicopter-style spin on its axis. Of course, Nokia phones have a track record of selling durability and reliability. They always include vibrant colors to choose from, and in the Nokia 8110, Traditional Black, and Banana Yellow have been infused. The popular snake game from way back is now a revamped Snake game.

As retro as the outlook of Nokia 8110 is, it still appeals to a select part of the telecom market. Incorporating new software into an outlandish fashioned handheld was one hell of a bold step. As long as WhatsApp remains a constant-go-to app for billions of people; the blend of a retro class Nokia 8110 and an uptrend savvy social media app will most likely bold and luring. This will hopefully be a big garner of attention and the possible increase in the customer base for the Nokia team globally.

Umunakwe also stated in his interview “We’re delighted that WhatsApp is now available on the widely popular 8110, enabling users to easily communicate with friends and family, both near and far,” said Sebastien Codeville, founder and CEO of KaiOS Technologies. “Our mission is to provide affordable digital services to everyone, and this announcement marks a big milestone towards our goal.”

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