OneWattSolar using the Blockchain to Provide Renewable Energy to Nigerians

OneWattSolar is a Nigerian startup that is now driven to capitalize on the blockchain technology abilities to provide low-cost solar energy to Nigerians in a bid to reduce dependence on costly power generators and relieve related problems.

OneWattSolar‘s clean energy solution avails an Internet-enabled router to its users. This router will collect data on energy usage to ensure customers are billed exactly for what they use and also alert the company of any potential problem. This way customers do not have to pay for the solar panel system setup. In the line of the need for blockchain for this initiative; it will allow transparency among all stakeholders and to reduce the costs involved.

The COO of the company, Victor Alagbe told CNN, “[The blockchain] provides transparency, you can see the utilization of funds, how many systems we have purchased and how many are being used. On a traditional service using fossil fuels, energy usage is around 70 Nigerian naira ($0.19) per kilowatt. But the blockchain system is 50 percent cheaper than diesel,” which is so much of the truth.
The Renewable Energy Industry in Africa has not been close to the top of its game. The lack of power supply or epileptic power supply in Nigeria and Africa at large has been an ongoing and growing concern. Only four out of ten Africans have access to a reliable power supply, says a report in 2016. Nigeria was ranked as the worst electricity supply nation in 2017 according to research and another shows 42 percent of Nigerians do not have access to electricity as gathered from research conducted by the World Bank
The tremendous growth in the African renewable energy industry has started out to deal with the problem. From Ghana’s plans to increase the consumption of renewable energy by 2030 as announced to Morocco’s plans to power over one million homes with a new solar power plant that is reportedly the largest in the world.
OneWattSolar is a part of GoSolar Africa, a renewable energy company that has been in operating for the past eight years. They launched operations in January 2019 and as a clean energy startup, their aim is towards supplying more than one million homes without electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa with solar energy through blockchain by 2025.

According to a recent tweet, ‘… Alagbe had a sit down with the guys from Idea Seed Africa to talk about the fantastic work we are doing at OneWattSolar to fix Energy deficit in Nigeria.’ You can click the link to watch.


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Credits- Samuel Attah


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