Samsung now adding 17 cryptocurrency apps in blockchain keystore

By including over a dozen new apps in its Blockchain Keystore online app market, the popular Samsung is adding to its blockchain ‘dapp arsenal’ which was Launched in March 2019,

Having grown from an initial four applications, Samsung’s online dapp store, Blockchain Keystore has a total of seventeen applications now The four original dapps was made up of a password wallet, a game, a social media app, and a billing app while the new dapps include an assortment of products from social media app Anpan to entertainment app The Hunters.

Samsung is ultimately ahead in the space. With the release of the Galaxy S10 this year, It has still proved itself as one of the first large companies to develop crypto-centric products “Although other companies have not done so yet, we have already made a blockchain wallet and released it,” according to a statement made by Samsung

In preparation for further market competitions, The tech giant is building up its wallet’s features. Presently, Samsung’s wallet system only allows for storage of Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens and protocols.

According to a report, the number one competitor on the list is Apple who are yet to release a wallet. Although in June, Apple released a ‘CryptoKit’ for iOS 13, indicating adoption is well on it’s way for the giant company

Meanwhile, early last month, LG trademarked “ThinQ Wallet,” a product that market insiders believe is the foundation for a crypto wallet and ecosystem. The ThinQ Wallet will be offering transaction, settlement, and e-money services, information from the trademark.

Huawei said they “have no plans to put a password wallet on its smartphone because the Chinese government has not authorized it yet” this statement is coming from another of Samsung competitors , the China’s Huawei

There are thousands of reviews available on the Google Play Store unlike in Samsungs dapp products with 30 reviews on Samsung’s Blockchain as their efforts are no doubt on a slow start.


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