Scammers Target Prospective Libra investors with fake website.

Over the weekend, several exploitative websites aimed at dwindling Libra investors of their cash were launched. The Libra project was only recently unveiled by the social media giant Facebook and scammers have already thought up a coy to take advantage of the loud buzz around the announcement.

Facebook’s legitimate website, went live as of last week although the Libra project is not yet in operation. It has already been noticed that one site made a mirror image of the official site as ‘calì’ Note that the ì is different from i; this little or almost unnoticeable difference is the one mistake that could cost potential investors their cash.
By switching the normal English i for a grave accent ì, the artifice comes into play. i.e The other ‘i’ depicts an accent in words from languages like Italian, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Alcozauca Mixtec, Sardinian, Taos, Vietnamese, and some others. One could easily confuse it for little dirt or dust making it a huge vantage point that these scammers had capitalized on.

Both websites have the same features including color schemes, marketing materials, fonts, interactive displays, slogans, and even wordings; however, the fake site is a tad bit out of line. As close as the cloned website came to be a replica, the “Pre-Sale Libra Currency,” button at the top of their site marks a difference from the social media giant’s welcoming induction, “Get Started.” Originally, clicking the get started icon offers a bonus incentive for trading libra, about 25% but the scammers’ site alleges ‘Better act now, as the pre-sale is 93 percent complete’.

A notable fact according to Google Trends and Reddit is that the majority of searches on the web engine are centered around buying Libra are focused on how to exchange it for BTC. Owing to that fact, these notorious scammers will think up anything to the detriment of prospective Libra investments. On the upside, this trick has quickly been spotted and more could definitely be thought up by the others, we just need to be careful.


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Credits- DanieL Kuhn


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