Stop sites from harvesting your cryptocurrencies now.



How to stop sites from harvesting cryptocurrencies from you.

Its possible that your browser might be mining cryptocurrency without your knowledge for fraudulent individuals using your desktop or laptops to create the digital currency, which can potentially be exchanged for real cash.

Do you know that hackers can generate the cryptocurrency Monero without the approval of the site or its visitors. According to Wired, they have found a means of injecting JavaScript- based cryptocurrency mining software into compromised sites, borrowing your processing power and reducing your computer speed to perform the havoc.

However, there are ways you can stop these scammers without concluding on to stay off the internet entirely to avoid them.
One can still be a part of the process of browser-based cryptocurrency mining even if you don’t have a single digital currency. So it’s not really a bad thing.

To help sites further monetize their content, Coinhive, a crypto mining company had created its own browser- based mining software which has helped them to drastically reduced the number of ads one sees on their page. If one can approve to lend a very little amount of your computer’s number crunching processor power to the mining process for short while, then it is done.

Unfortunately, the hackers have double crossed this in a way as they now have written similar mining software that continues to borrow CPU power without user consent, even if you are using Coinhive’s browser-based mining tool or not. Therefore, constant mining from multiple sites could potentially slow down your machine.

Anyway, despite its reputation for getting constantly hacked, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin remains hot…

Another software is NoCoin. You can download and install the browser extension NoCoin, this browser helps to disable cryptocurrency mining tools on sites you haven’t approved. This will help you if you are curious about someone affecting your computer’s performance for fraudulent actions.

NoCoin was made by deleloper Rafael Keradimas,  who created Nocoin which comes in to solve the issue of compromised sites. Abusing the potentially beneficial tricks of borrowing visitors’ computers to mine cryptocurrency and monetize content, all with their consent. Nocoin is available for Google Chrome, Opera web browsers and Firefox .

Secondly, you can also install an ad-blocking extension to stop Javascript from running automatically in your mining site. AdBlock Plus, a blocking tool has been recommended in the past  as it stops advertisers together with other interested parties from learning about your browsing habits, or sending you pop-up ads and malware as most of this things have negative motives behind it.


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