The 7 Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2019


Bitcoin has offered a currency alternative to the government-backed currencies we all know from daily use as it takes the world by storm. Innovators and Consumers believed that the digital currencies are easier, safer, transparent and offer better privacy than traditional currencies. This is an investment opportunity as some people have indicated. The value of a Bitcoin compared to the U.S. dollar and other currencies have moved up suddenly over the last couple of years,
Before you invest in any of the cryptocurrencies be rest assured that it an invest u afford to lose should anything happen along the line such as price fluctuations.. it is important to understand the risks. Bitcoin could easily double in value over the next few years and it can as well drop down to nothing in value in a couple of few months during the same period. There are chances that you may not get back your investment when there is a drop, so invest what u can afford to lose or contend with. understand the risks and you’re ready to move forward.
Any of these best Bitcoin wallets are very good

Best Overall: Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the easiest ways to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies. You can easily connect to an American bank account and can also easily transfer or receive dollars to your dollar wallet which earns it the first spot on this list. With Coinbase, you can connect to a U.S. bank account and easily transfer dollars in or out of your dollar wallet. You can also use those dollars, or transfer in new ones, to buy and sell. Aside from giving supports to Bitcoin, Coinbase currently supports Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. There is information though not confirmed yet about additional currencies like Ripple getting support from Coinbase as well.
Although the best part of Coinbase being ease of use, there have been some worries about security in the past but now Coin base regularly updates and improves the entire user experience. The security network has been fortified.

Best for Security: Trezor

Trezor is simply a place to store all your Bitcoin. This platform is not for buying and selling like others such as Coin.It is a device that plugs into your computer for accessing your coins. Trezor is a two- factor authentication device that has a wallet which works with multiple currencies and works as a password manager. It does have other useful features too.
Trezor as a wallet acts as a protection against loss of password and loss of your device. The main function of this Bitcoin wallet is to protect your Bitcoin from theft. One needs to be careful with their passwords and protection of their Bitcoin because even if Trezor is there to help but the recovery process is not easy. It takes some time to recover.


Best for Desktop: Electrum

Electrum is a software wallet, that is to say, that Bitcoins is stored in a set of files on your laptop r or desktop computers. which means your Bitcoin is stored in a set of files on your laptop or desktop computer. It is presently available for Windows, Linus, Mac OS X, and Android. Electrum is more flexible than Trezor in that it can also work with physical wallets and also software.
It is beneficial in this case because you can store your Bitcoin on your own computer. But if that computer crashes, or ends up hacked or corrupted, or even lost in any form along the line, you could lose your coins. The app does support a recovery process like Trezor and allows you to create a physical “cold storage” with a printed or handwritten set of keys.

Best Online:


The existence of other currencies like Bitcoin is based on Blockchain.Blockchain is the technology that allows Bitcoin and other digital currencies to exist. It is more than just saying its a digital currency. It’s far beyond the digital currency Blockchain. Info is similar to Coinbase in that it is an online wallet, but it is not a full exchange. You can not buy or sell directly through blockchain. The storage of bitcoin is separate from the sell which is bitcoin market place, therefore you can’t buy or sell directly through Blockchain, which means your Bitcoin storage is separate from your Bitcoin marketplace.
It is more secure than Coin base because It is not a full exchange platform like
coin base. it is considered to be more secure than a site like Coinbase. Though, Coin base is much easier to operate if you are not too conversant with computer operations and knowledge. Despite the security level of blockchain, it’s still çomplex in usage

Best for Free Buying and Selling: Robinhood

Robinhood recently expanded to support for options and other investment ., initially as a free stock trading platform. But recently expanded the free stock trading platform and support for other investments, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Robinhood comes as both a wallet and an exchange, just like Coinbase everything is in one place. Robinhood is a first mobile-platform with no cost to operate, it’s free when buying or selling Bitcoin, like stocks on the platform as well. It is quite secure actually.


Best for Intuitive Desktop Use: Exodus

Exodus is a software wallet like Electrum, it is better and more intuitive to use than others. It ‘s also much different though offers the same benefits on security. The desktop only wallet is like graphs and charts which turns digital currencies such as Bitcoin and many others. In addition to storage, u can also exchange coins through apps with shapeshift exchange integration.
For Exodus, there is no account setup, so your currency and wallet are just for you. This includes private key encryption and other useful security tools but is careful with the computer. Thanks to the portfolio and graphic views, it is great for anyone who wants to move into digital currency as someone with a flair for investing.


Best for Mobile: Mycelium

Mycelium is a mobile-only Bitcoin wallet, it goes with Android and iPhone versions a. Mycelium is usually a bit more complicated to use than some other Bitcoin wallets. But advanced users are really conversant with the technique
This is with no Web or desktop interface but as many people now use their phone as their computer, despite that it’s still very secure. Allows for anonymity and still, u have your bitcoin stored in your pocket and accessible on the move



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  • Moses Brodin
    Posted July 12, 2019 10:34 am 0Likes

    Bitcoin ATMs show some potential, but for the ones I’ve tried, a passport scan is required and you also have to add in biometrics like a palm or iris scan which seems a bit invasive to me. I just use Bitcoin Gift Card (.org) to buy BTC and pay by Paypal. It takes a few days for the BTC gift cards to arrive through the mail, but otherwise works great.

  • Alisha Ross
    Posted July 18, 2019 6:55 am 0Likes

    I’m looking for a wallet where I can turn 3-10 bitcoins into USD instantly. I have coinbase now, but I would like something similar that allows me to transfer larger amounts faster and no weekly limits …?

    Ross Alisha

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