The Launch of Blockchain Innovation Centres across Africa

Blockchain Association of Africa, in collaboration with AfriPlains Digital and Blockchain Worx, have gotten set to launch innovation centres related to blockchain across Africa in line with the association’s goals. This joint force also stirs towards promoting technology education, community outreach, and local talent in order to increase blockchain adoption across Africa. Business value on the African continent is expected to increase from this.

According to Yaliwe Soko, the Chairwoman for the Blockchain Association of Africa: “Africa is no longer the Dark Continent, and everyone is looking at Africa now Blockchain will ensure that Africans are now stakeholders in what the continent has to offer and it all starts with education. This partnership will ensure that the upcoming generation is equipped with the right skills and expertise to move the continent further.” Blockchain Association of Africa is based in South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria with an aim to equip each and every stakeholder with the best Blockchain education, acumen and tools. The association has partners in Zambia, Dubai, Ghana, Kuwait, Namibia, Zimbabwe, India, Kenya, and Botswana and streamlines its aim to shaping Africa’s future. Its organisation is one that creates meeting avenues for cross-continent blockchain stakeholders to drive collaboration, innovation, and education.


An Innovation Centre will be formed in Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, and Uganda under the body of Blockchain Worx’s Blockchain according to plans. The Blockchain Innovation Centre will help both private and public institutions to understand and leverage the blockchain. Blockchain Worx is a FinTech-RegTech venture with its headquarters in Singapore. Their initiative offers solutions such as anti-money laundering transaction monitoring systems and securities tokenisation platforms. Ther third partner, Afriplains Digital is a next-generation technology services company based in Tanzania. With the use of technologies like the blockchain they solve business and socio-environmental issues.

Sumantra Naik, co-founder, and COO of Blockchain Worx had this to say:

“We are super excited to team up with the Blockchain Association of Africa and Afriplains Digital to deploy our premier Blockchain Innovation Centre solution across communities and local chapters in Africa. We truly believe that Africa has the potential to lead the way for the rest of the world and showcase how to effectively leverage and make use of technological advances for sustainable and inclusive growth,”

From the wealth of knowledge, ready-to-use development tools, and a set of PoC/demo applications that help institutions to deploy their own blockchain innovation labs; the innovation centre in a short period of time will bring great changes to the continent through technology. Resources made available will aid in understanding the technology and building and evolving applicable use-cases.

The African continent might just be the next big force to reckon with in the Blockchain Space in the nearest possible future.


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Credits – Angeline Mbogo




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