Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attends Bitcoin meetup in Ghana

Few weeks after he invested in a cryptocurrency startup, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has attended a Bitcoin meetup in Ghana .
Dorsey,has been traveling in Africa, and has so far visited Nigeria and Ghana. He has for long-time now been defending Bitcoin,


Mini bitcoin Ghana meetup with @atsudavoh @sy_boahen

6:04 PM – Nov 11, 2019
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According to him, he was in Africa “to understand the challenges of starting a company here and figure out a way I can support.” the tech billionaire spoke at a town hall meeting in Nigeria.

Bitcoin in Africa

A lot of headlines has been carrying the need for Bitcoin. Millennials on the continent can’t get enough of the cryptocurrency siting one report’s claims.

However, Bitcoin advocates say the cryptocurrency could take even further other technologies, banking the unbanked, mobile transfers etc which has finally been achieved in some parts of Africa.

As the use of foreign currencies for settlement of local transactions were banned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government in July this year leading to up rise in Bitcoin trading.

Dorsey publicly thanked fellow Bitcoin supporter and CEO of money transfer service Bit Sika for compiling a ‘Bitcoin Africa‘ list on Twitter as a sign if his support and commitment in Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Africa list. Thanks to @atsudavoh for this! …

10:37 AM – Nov 12, 2019 · Central, Ghana
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Dorsey love for Bitcoin

Meanwhile Dorsey’s shenanigans keen interest shouldn’t come as a surprise considering his tweet about Square‘s cryptocurrency recruitment drive earlier this year, later opening up to TNWabout the company‘s plans for Bitcoin.

The promise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology was aimed at empowering consumers by offering unprecedented transparency and control as he explains they way he sees them as key components of the online world. Dorsey said.

Dorsey said Twitter would never join Facebook’s controversial ‘cryptocurrency‘ Libra, he has been appeasing many staunch cryptocurrency supporters who ultimately took the side for decentralized options as he stated in late October.


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Credit: Yessi Bello Perez


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