Zippie Launches Blockchain-Based Mobile Solution for Africa

Zippie is a Blockchain startup, makers of the white label super app whose goal is to democratize opportunity for everyone by enabling online businesses to reward their users. The company has, in collaboration with Zambia’s AfriDelivery, Musanga, and Tigmoo, released a blockchain-based mobile solution for Africa in the form of a rewards wallet app.

E-commerce in Africa is seemingly still lagging behind compared to the rest of the world, according to UNCTAD. With a statement from COO and co-founder of Zippie, Pasi Rusila saying: “We are pleased to say that there are numerous other partnerships in the pipeline in several countries ready to start rewarding their users with mobile airtime and other valuable items,” the Zippie innovation could be a solution that pushes more Africans to shop online.

The first three partnerships with the African online companies will be a kickoff for Zippie to sell its blockchain solution to other online businesses according to Rusila. They will use the Zippie mobile blockchain platform to reward their customers for making purchases, giving referrals, and using delivery services of which the majority are African. “The market entry provides us the opportunity to get the Zippie platform to the hands of thousands of end-users within months. This enables us to gather the always-so-critical user feedback and steer the product development in the right direction, fulfilling genuine market needs,” he stated. Rusila also inferred that the company is confident of Zippie being a positive impact on the lives of Africans by seamlessly transferring value between businesses and people.

We are focusing our efforts on the continent where even the smallest earning opportunity can make the biggest impact. The rapidly growing smartphone adoption and online commerce, the young entrepreneurial population of which most work in the informal sector, and the leadership in taking mobile money into use offer a fertile ground for Zippie to take off on the continent,” said Pasi Rusila.

Zippie, AfriDelivery, Musanga, and Tigmoo will start rewarding customers with airtime using the Zippie blockchain-based mobile platform as this will aid them to generate more customers and uphold lasting business relations with these customers. The easily accessible wallet allows customers to receive airtime in their blockchain wallets. Customers can also send this airtime to other people by sharing a payment link through various chatting apps.

Via the company’s website, users are guaranteed security, the elimination of middlemen, and free sharing of rewards. Also, Businesses are assured of a seamless integration process by way of an easy process for integrating Zippie with a product. Will this innovation and African partnership step up e-commerce in the Continent? Time will tell.


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Credits- Angeline Mbogo

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